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The extra thrill during lovemaking!
The Benedict from Svakom is a combined cock and ball ring which has a perineum vibrator that is in a wonderful anatomical shape. The ring and vibrator fit perfectly. It is also very bendy and flexible which means that it’s also comfortable to wear as well. The tight fit means that it can support the erection for long-lasting performance during sex. The perineum vibrator’s deep vibrations relentlessly pleasure the perineum (between the anus and scrotum) at the same time so that the person using it can experience intense climaxes!

A powerful but quiet motor provides 5 diverse vibration modes in 5 intensities that can be controlled separately and together at the push of a button. Benedict can also be used under water because it is waterproof! The velvety soft, skin-friendly silicone means that it slides on easily and fits around any penis size or shape.

It can be recharged with the included magnetic USB cable.

11.4 cm x 5.4 cm x 6.2 cm.
Cock ring Ø 3.5 cm, ball ring Ø 4.2 cm. Weight 63 g.
Silicone, ABS.

SKU: 3410424
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3,5 – 4,2


Silikon, ABS


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